Friday, May 25, 2012

KAWAI The Future of the Piano

The sole distributors (in the Cape, South Africa with agents in Natal) of the wonderful Kawai range of pianos have appointed me as one of their agents. I am very happy as this make of piano is superb - I say this because I own a Steinway grand myself  but have given several concerts on a Kawai, so I have experienced its capabilities. Kawai is rated as one of the top 3 piano manufacturers in the word, along with Steinway and Yamaha. In the last 3 decades Kawai has taken a leading position in mechanism design,  tone character and digital piano development. The range in acoustic pianos is from several models of uprights to baby grands to concert grands. The digital range suits all purposes from  purely home machines to stage pianos. There are several innovations which make for improved tone quality, action and longevity in acoustic and digital.

As well as this agency I am able to take orders for sheet music. Swellendam has no music outlet and those wanting music have to order from Cape Town or Stellenbosch. Now they can order from me which is much more direct.

For more information (if you are in the Cape although not Cape Town itself and as far as say Sir Lowry's Pass) please email me at

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