Friday, September 9, 2011

Latest News

The Garden Route Concert Series came and went! They were all very successful as regards performance and much appreciated by the small but very warm audiences. Our hosts, Chris and Sally Nicholls provided a most welcoming ambience and the refreshments were absolutely super!
The day after the last concert I had to go to Johannesburg for two weeks to work with the Gauteng Choristers for their entry in the NCF competitions. They very kindly arranged for a chauffeur driven car to pick me up at home and take me to the Cape Town airport where I was flown to OR Tambo Airport. There was a Hyundai hire car for me to pick up and I was off to the National Bahá'í Centre where I was being accommodated. I was horrified to find that the Giluleys exchange on the N1/3 had been altered and I had no idea which road to take. Fortunately I took the right one and was relieved to see the familiar off ramps coming up. Rehearsals started the next day and I was very warmly welcomed by the Choristers! Good to see them all again and to work with Sidwell Mhlongo, their very talented conductor. I think it is three years since I was last with them. Then I caught a cold and cough, and after another couple of days unexplained pains in my leg kept me awake for three nights. In desperation I went to see a doctor who prescribed the usual drugs which I hate taking, but at least I got some much needed sleep. I had phoned many of my friends and was taken out for lunch and breakfast on several occasions. Great to see them all again. Driving up and down on the busy motorways almost every day was a strain but I got through it all, even the long drive into Soweto and out again after the competitions. I think it took me more than an hour that night to get back to the Bahá'í Centre. I flew back the next day rather the worse for wear! It has taken me nearly two weeks and several wonderful treatments from the outstanding chiropractor/kinesiologist, Dr. Zaida Rivené, to recover and am still a little weak! Piano students have been around for more coaching and things are gradually returning to normal. My lovely little dog Figo was beautifully looked after by Evelyn (my lovely domestic help who comes in three mornings a week normally) who sacrificed her home life to stay with him for the two weeks in my house. Needless to say, he was very pleased to see me and must have licked my face for at least 15 minutes to say Hello!

Well, that's my latest news but there are more concerts in the offing. In the meantime there are quite a few to attend and it will be nice to be part of the audience again.